Free GM Resource: Random Utilities for Random Games

Free GM Resource: Random Utilities for Random Games
If you've been following this blog for long at all you know there are a few things I'm just a sucker for. Free random generators are pretty high on my list.

Now I do prefer being able to access my random tables offline even though I'm online all the time. The reason for this is because I prefer to be prepared for running games where I don't have internet access because it does happen.

The folks over at Mithral and Mages seem to pretty much have me covered because all of their wonderful tables can be printed to PDFs online and downloaded. That is pretty fricken cool if you ask me. Sure, I can easily print off a webpage to PDF on my laptop, but let's say I was checking out the site on my iPad and needed to access that list later. A few clicks and I'm done.

They have thirty (30!) different generators to check out. I used a few of the generators and I really liked the results. I wish I could buy some of the tables for offline use and at least with some of the name tables you can. You'll have to do some cut & paste and manipulate for your generator, but if the list is long enough and cheap enough (they are) it'll be worth it.

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  1. You need a (free) ENWorld account to use it, but O.G.R.E. is an amazing engine to build any generator you can imagine. And you can use other people's generators as part of your generator. There are hundreds of them already there. Some are awesome, some are useless. But the engine itself is awesome. http://www.enworld.org/forum/dnd_portal.php