New HackMaster Form-Fillable PC Sheet

New HackMaster Form-Fillable PC Sheet
It's been a good six week to two months since I started this latest version of my form-fillable PC sheet, and I've finally finished it.

I ended up making three different versions of this PC Sheet, one for multi-classed spellcasters, one for "regular" spellcasters, and another for fighter & thiefy types. The largest of the trio is only 8 pages while the other two are 6 pages each.

An earlier version had a bunch of spellcards to help track all of a Cleric's or Mage's spell details, but it added too much bulk to the finished product.

Compared to my earlier version which came in at 1.27 MB, this "larger" version that has twice as many pages and better graphics only weighs in at 1.47 MB.

The older version is free while this newer version is $1.99 for all three sheets or $0.99 for one of the versions.


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