Hoody-Fricken-Hoo! "My" Adventure is Now Available Online.

Hoody-Fricken-Hoo! "My" Adventure is Now Available Online.
Last GaryCon I was offered a proposal to write a HackMaster adventure for Kenzer & Company. Steve Johansson had a skeleton framework of an adventure (a single page map), but didn't have time to flesh it out. He gave me the rough map with the designated encounters that I was "fortunate" enough to experience 1st hand as a player.

Fortunate might be a bit of a misnomer because the adventure was a bit of a meat grinder for a couple of reasons. A good number of the players played either pre-gens or quick-rolled up characters and I think we all cared more about just having a good time and trying to fling our PC's bodies against the adventure's foes...

....and we did have a good time!

Deliberately small & fuzzy so you don't get any spoilers
The initial adventure proposal
I fleshed out a full adventure, made a cover (above) and submitted it last April. The adventure map
took me a little more time to do, but I had that done in May. Fast-forward a few months of intense editing and Kenzer & Company has a new adventure to release.

A Sewer Runs Through It is designed for 1st level PCs and can serve as a great start to an urban campaign. Although our experience at GaryCon was...interesting...I think most home groups would have a better go at it.

.....and for the record, anything you don't like about the adventure is due to Steve's edits. The stuff you like....all me.


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