Free GM Resource: Tile Maker 2.0

Free GM Resource: Tile Maker 2.0
Today's Free GM Resource is a pretty cool dungeon mapping "program" from the folks over at Project Zero Games.

Tile Maker 2.0 is a rather simple, well....a tile maker. You use the easy web interface to create a single tile which you can print out. There are twenty different room/corridor types and a large number of items to place within each room.

Item placement is quick and simple. You can churn out rooms at a pretty good clip if you want, allowing you to create simple & effective dungeons....

....all for free. If you have a PDF printer installed you can get even more mileage out of this program. I've only made a few tiles to play around with Tile Maker 2.0, but here is a quick & simple dungeon:

Quick example dungeon using Tile Maker 2.0
Click for a different example
There were two things I noted specifically about this tile program. First was the fact that this will print out at roughly 200 DPI. If you are using this to print out 1" = 5' tiles for actual table-top play you'll get a little bit of detail loss during printing. For virtual table-top use this won't be an issue.

The second thing I found is a bit of a surprise. There are hidden objects for you to use! If you cycle through the rotation of objects using the space bar, some objects with rotate then morph to other objects. The fire pit, for example, will change through several types of fires and then onto torches. The trap door will rotate and then open up.....

This is a pretty cool hidden feature.


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