Free GM Resource: City Generator

Free GM Resource: City Generator
Last month I posted about a pretty cool city map generator that gave you a lot of options for building any sized city on the fly. The only real problem I saw with that program was that while a map is useful, it is only part of what a GM needs to build a city.

This City Generator, from CrystalBallSoft, is a simple & easy to use generator that has a number of options that really lets you tweak the city to your needs. The greatest part of this generator, the thing that puts it above just about every other generator I've ever seen, is that you can tweak the number & type of city wards. Combine this with building & profession generation and you've got a decently fleshed out city that doesn't take up a lot of space.

I envision using this with the aforementioned city map generator and a couple simple name generators. I don't think I'd need a whole lot more work to put together a city on the fly. It might be nice to have all my NPCs statted, but all I really need is a good framework that gives me enough to work on the fly and keep good notes.

Here is a small, isolated Human "Test Village" I generated in a few seconds. There are some bits & pieces I either don't need or don't quite understand because I don't have the source book (yet):
Name: Test Village
Community Size: Thorp
Population: 26 Adults
Size: 0.44 Acres
Population Density (Adults/Acre): 59.45 Adults/Acre
Races: Human (26)

Gold Piece Limit: 40.00
Wealth: 52.00
Income for Lord(s)/King(s): 0.16
Magic Resources: 0.00

Imports: None
Exports: None
Famous: None
Infamous: None

# of Wards: 4
# of Buildings: 4
# of Power Centers: 1
# of Guilds: 0

No Walls

Ward - River
0.15 Acres; 1 Structures; Outside Walls
House (C) : 1
Ward - Market
0.15 Acres; 1 Structures; Outside Walls
House (A) : 1
Ward - Merchant
0.15 Acres; 1 Structures; Outside Walls
Shop : Launderers (A) : 1
Ward - River
0.00 Acres; 1 Structures; Outside Walls
Inn (D) : 1

Number in parenthesis after building type is the building quality:

  • A is luxurious, royal, or imperial
  • B is tasteful, ornate, or artistic
  • C is utilitarian, basic, or normal
  • D is derelict, condemened, rough, or functional

Apprentices : 1, Beggers : 5, Dentists : 1, Elderly/Infirm : 4, Grocers : 1, Harness Makers : 1, Housewives & Househusbands : 5, Journymen : 1, Laborers : 5, Rat Catchers : 1, Tailors : 1

Power Center - Town Council
Alignment: Neutral Good
Wealth: 51.70
Influence Points: 17
Total NPCs (Class Level - Count): 18
Aristocrat 1-2
Barbarian 1-1
Commoner 5-1, 3-2, 2-4, 1-7
Rogue 1-1
The sourcebook in question, an item on my DriveThruRPG wishlist, is A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe. When I get this book I'll definitely be reviewing it.


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