Frugal GM Review: Under Fogbreath Peak

Under Fogbreath Peak is a free one-page Labyrinth Lord adventure by Joe Johnston (Taskboy Games). I find it interesting that this is actually the third review of his DriveThruRPG products:
          Brave the Labyrinth #1
          The Manse on Murder Hill

When you factor in that I don't even play this system.....

I was drawn to each item for different reasons. The Zine because....well because it was a Zine. The adventure caught my eye initially because the cover reminded me of the old AD&D adventures. This particular adventure caught my eye because it was a simple one-page (landscape) adventure.

What I liked:
This adventure has it all....straight-up fights, some social encounters, traps, puzzles, and a BBG at the end.

What I didn't like:
At first glance the adventure seems way too difficult, especially if you thought about using this for another system. It seemed like there would be way too many random encounters, unless you knew the particular rules for Wandering Monsters from Labyrinth Lord. Factoring that in the chance of any "real" wandering monster encounter is about 1/3 of normal.
Frugal GM 4 Star Review: Under Fogbreath PeakI also would have appreciated not having the empty space of the adventure map filled in black. Printing out the adventure doesn't need to be a waste of ink.

Overall I think that this could be a good challenge for a group of 4-6 players of levels 3-5, which is
what the adventure was designed for. You'd need to tweak things a bit for other systems, but I don't think it would require too much effort, which makes it a good adventure to check out yourself.


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