Free Map(s) 005

Free Map(s) 005
With the recent posts regarding the Roleplaying City Map Generator allowing you to generate a city and this week's City Generator allowing you to make a map.....I decided my next project had to be a marriage of the two.

The cool thing with the map generator is that you can plug in some specifics from the city generator, like a certain number of gates, buildings, and wall dimensions.

Base map for Twin ForksAfter generating my city I plugged in the parameters into the map generator and cycled through a series of random maps until I found one I liked. Next I exported the map into 16 sections, giving me a HUGE map to play with. Stitching up the sections and extending the roads out of town left me with this to play with.  The larger map is 300 DPI and 24" square....which you can find here.

Now I realize that simply sharing this map isn't really worthwhile because if you got the City Map Generator you can get this far without any real effort.

My plans are to take this base map and start adding content to "fully" flesh out the city, essentially making a stand-alone city supplement. As part of the map-work I will be using this base map to make a few other maps as part of the supplement.

Twin Forks Ward/District Map
The first important map, at least to me, was a simple breakdown of the various city wards. I deliberately made the naming conventions inconsistent as an oddity that happens in old towns. The ward map is a bit smaller, 300 DPI and 8" square, because it is a reference map and not something to be printed out for general table-top use. Here is the link to the higher-res map.

Twin Forks Numbered Building MapI was planning on calling it good today with the district map breakdown and when I got it done update with a numbered map, but I couldn't leave well enough alone. I went ahead and numbered the map....and discovered that there were 11 fewer buildings than what I had asked for when making the map. More than likely there were more buildings than what I counted, but they overlapped some, possibly even to the extent they were stacked. If when looking at the smaller pics on this post you notice that the number of buildings don't match up.....well you know why. I've updated the downloadable files, so those should be consistent.

Here is the numbered map for download.


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