Free Map 006

Free Map 006
If there is anything I have learned in my map-making endeavors it isn't necessarily what I'm "good" or "bad" at making, because I think those are judgments for others to make, but I can say I absolutely suck at getting my ideas for interiors onto paper.

I've had this idea for a tavern map floating in my head for well over a week now, but I simply cannot get pen to paper in any reasonable fashion. I've tried playing with Photoshop, drawing things out free-hand, & even breaking out some graph-paper. What meager stuff I've come up with isn't fit to be shredded and added to my compost pile.

Free Map 006: A Basement Level with Tunnel AccessThe funny thing is, even though I have a solid idea for a tavern, one of my attempts is actually starting to yield fruit. The map I'm working on now looks nothing like what I had in mind and this "great" idea I had is being pushed aside by an emerging concept that is coming together around the map I am able to get down on paper.

I don't try to understand these things......

This map is a basement level I used for an adventure a couple of years ago. The basement broke into a natural tunnel complex and that section was walled off, but not before a secret entrance to this complex was created. The well actually goes all the way to the surface. From within the tunnels it looks like a pillar made of river stone.

Click on either graphic in this post to download the high-rez map. It is 300 dpi and roughly 8" x 6".


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