Free GM Resource: Storybook

Free GM Resource: Storybook
This week's Free GM Resource is a rather interesting, if not small, stand-alone generator from the folks over at Treasure Trove.

Storybook is available online and as a download. The download has two versions, an HTML version and an Adobe Flash Player version. Basically they are the same because the HTML just opens up the Flash player.....the real difference is just the window the program runs in.

There are 15 different generators and a full set of RPG dice that you can click on to generate results. With the generators you get one result per click, but with the dice there is a small set of five blocks were you can indicate the number of dice you want rolled. Then you click on the die picture and that many dice are rolled.

All of the die results are quite short. For example, if you roll on the gem chart you would get a result like "Sapphire".  In my opinion some of the generators are a bit better than others, but the fact that you can download or run the program online might be useful.


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