Frugal GM's End of the Year DriveThruRPG Review

Frugal GM's End of the Year DriveThruRPG Review
I've just crunched the numbers and it seems like a decent year for the Frugal GM over at DriveThruRPG. A little over 1,000 downloads of the things I've made and overall (not just this year, but since the start in 2012) 92% of the downloads have been for free items.

Now that other 8%.....well for this year that means I've "made" $64. Obviously I don't do this for the money. That money was pretty much spent on buying more RPG products through the site.

I have some more ideas for products for next year and I plan on keeping many for free and everything else under $1.99. I had two goals when I started putting stuff up on DriveThruRPG:

1) Have lots of free stuff.
2) Everything not free should be inexpensive.

That's about as simple as it gets. I know my numbers are actually a bit skewed, for a couple of reasons, and probably should at least be in the 94-95% range. The iPad character sheet I made ended up being three versions instead of one so people could end up with the smallest file needed and generally get sold as a $2 bundle, but I report that out as three sales instead of one. I also found out that another company had downloaded and been giving away one of my free files on their own website for 10 months of last year. That's been taken care of, so hopefully things will be more accurate next year.

I do have one small favor to ask....

If you've downloaded some of these items and found them useful, please leave me a review or even just some feedback. I read every review and it gets a bit disheartening to find that out of 1600+ downloads I have but five (5!) reviews....and only three of them are from "regular" folks.


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