Free Map #15 The Beer House

Free Map #15 The Beer House
It's been about time that I got off my duff and presented my (mostly) finished tavern map. In my home game this locale is serving as the base of operations for my players. I tend to run a relatively poor campaign, as in I don't give out a lot of cash....hopefully the campaign is a rich (content-wise) as my players wish it to be. "Adventurers" don't really exist so my players are a bit of an anomaly and living "on the road" can be expensive. Fortunately for them one of the PC's families has connections in the city of Twin Forks and that connection, the Dwarf running this Beer House, is willing to let them bunk in the cellar.

Now this map is a bit on the sparse side because I haven't filled in the Dwarf's living quarters, the brewing equipment in the main level, or the multitude of barrels of beer in the basement. In my game there is also a rack of Honey Brew (think low-grade alcoholic/medicinal healing) and a secret entrance to some long-forgotten tunnels. I have, however, added the most notable pieces of furniture of this establishment which are the enormous tables and benches the Beer House patrons sit and drink from.

The Beer House
These enormous tables were built in-place outside of the main level, originally in a large beer tent. The frame of the tent was sided in with wood and now the wooden structure is being bricked in with field stone. The Beer House has some giant wooden doors and a generous helping of fireplaces to keep the drinkers nice and cozy.

In my game the Beer House only brews & sells beer. They make almost all of the beer sold in the city, made to the individual tavern's specifications. It is important to note they do not cook any food whatsoever. The Beer House has a decent number of urchins who serve as runners for the patrons, getting them whatever food from other sellers as demanded. They work for tips only and are honest to a fault since any who stiff the Beer House patrons get banned from the premises.

The scale on this map is the standard 1 square = 5'. I realize this makes the levels about 80' across, but this Beer House was converted from an old guard tower from when the town was much smaller. Hopefully you'll find this map useful and if you end up getting some good use out of it, please feel free to drop me a note telling me what you did with it!

As always, clicking on either graphic should take you to the file on my Google Drive. The map is a 300 dpi JPG and 11" square.


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