Frugal GM Review: Sandbox Resources Hex Map Pack

Frugal GM Review: Sandbox Resources Hex Map Pack
This review for New Big Dragon Games Unlimited release of Sandbox Resources: Hex Map Pack could just as easily be posted as a Free GM Resource, because it is, but I thought if I posted a review a few more people might see just how good of a product this is.

Before I get into the review I want to note that I borrowed the graphic for this post from the publisher's blog, which you should take some time to visit. There's a little something I found there I'll have to see about posting about at a future time.

If you are not familiar with New Big Dragon Games Unlimited , they recently put out a hugely successful d30 Sandbox Companion Supplement. Evidently there was a file/page in that supplement that garnered a lot of comments so they expanded upon that page, turning it into this free supplement.

Now I find that cool enough on its own, but they just had to go and step it up a notch. Basically this product is a set of three hex map tools. One page is just a grid of small hexes, another is those grids clumped together into a collection of larger hex grids, and the third page is a worksheet for detailing the contents of the larger hex grids. The real meat of the pdf is this third worksheet, which is organized simply and quite effectively.

Frugal GM 5 Star Review: Sandbox Resources Hex Map PackNow this sounds great as-is, but the ├╝ber-cool aspect that geeks me out is that "pages" two and three, as I described them before, have been done up three times at three different scales! The larger hex grids are either 4, 5, or 6 smaller hex grids across. Evidently the author had been using a 4 grid scale for some time, but the publisher products have been using a 6 grid scale while some producers "back in the day" used a 5 grid scale.

It is really this tiny extra attention to detail that takes a great product and makes it even greater. After seeing this file I went back to DriveThruRPG and went ahead and put some of their other products in my wish list.


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