Free GM Resources: Random Tables from Wizardawn

Free GM Resources: Random Tables from Wizarddawn
If I've said it once, I've probably said it a hundred times.....on this blog, I'm a sucker for random tables.

With the problems I've been having with my domain, I needed something fun to post today. "Fun" means going through my list of Free GM Resources and pulling out a good set of random tables.

Wizardawn is a publisher with a rather plain site that is chock-full of useful tools for just about any RPG. "Chock-full" might be just a bit of an understatement. When I first went to the site I was wondering why I had it in my file....

....until I saw this long list of random tables:

  •  Adventuring Gear 
  •  Alchemy Recipes  
  •  Alchemy Shelf  
  •  Apocalypse  
  •  Dungeon Door  
  •  Encounter Creation  
  •  Dungeon Maps  
  •  Ruined City Maps  
  •  SciFi Maps  
  •  Settlements Maps  
  •  Sewer Maps  
  •  Suburb Maps  
  •  World Maps  
  •  Monster Listings  
  •  Fantasy Names  
  •  Fantasy Settlements  
  •  Mutant Settlements  
  •  Piles of Coins  
  •  Potion Appearances  
  •  Random Books & Tomes  
  •  Random Treasure  
  •  Random Treasure Maps  
  •  Scavenging Lists  
  •  SciFi Enemies  
  •  Ultimate Dungeon Creator  
  •  Ultimate Dungeon Delve  
  •  Ultimate Future Maze  
  •  Ultimate Locale Creator  
  •  Ultimate Mutant Adventure  
  •  Ultimate World Adventure  
  •  Wandering Enemies  
  •  Zombie Hordes  
  • OSRIC™   Adventurers Guild  
  • OSRIC™   Spell Books  
  • T&T™   Combat Dice Sheets

Random 2x2 Village from the Settlement Generator
2x2 Random Village
I spent too much time looking at the left menu and almost missed the awesomeness that were these tables.

There are some great gems in this list. While I chose the village generator for an example, there were some that just blew me away. The Zombie Horde generator is something I hadn't seen before:

Criselda Tavarez
Criselda is a female, child zombie that has long, red hair.    She has light-green skin that is bloody in appearance.  CLOTHING [ripped, black hard hat / light blue sleeveless shirt / rugged, dull tan yoga pants / yellow socks / bloody, vibrant purple work boots].

Cristina Mendel
Cristina is a female zombie that has long, white hair.    She is also missing her right arm.  She has sickly skin that is bloody in appearance.  She is totally void of any type of clothing.

Herb Kapp
Herb is a male zombie that is bald with no facial hair at all.    He is also missing his right arm.  He has gray skin that is gruesome in appearance.  CLOTHING [shredded, purple denim jacket / scraggy, black cargo pants / shabby, light white socks / shabby, dull yellow shoes].  HOLDING [bracelet / tissue / scissors / ear plugs / backpack / surgical mask / knife / map, road].


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