Free Map(s) 018: Stippled Out Cave

Free Map 018: Stippled Out Cave
During my 1st week at my new job I had a little bit too much free time during training so I doodled some maps. I posted one last week and while there are a couple of things I wanted to try out on this map, I figured I'd instead play with the stippling I was working on a couple weeks ago.

I was pleased with the results and hope to come back to the raw map and try out those other ideas I had for it.

Deep cave with three floors
I went ahead and filled in the basic white with a dirt floor and again with a stone floor. I thought about changing it up some so the texture wasn't seamless between levels, but that was just a bit too much work.

I was pretty happy with the stippling results. For the record though, I used some more stippling dot sizes than those I put on the earlier post.

Instead of zipping these three pictures together I've got them listed up separately. Normally you can click on the lead-in graphic to get the file. Since there are three files I'll have to use three separate links:


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