I Fumbled!

I Fumbled!
Pretty much since day one I've had a custom domain for this Blogger (www.frugalgm.com) blog, with my domain hosting coming from my "normal" web hosting account.

Last Friday I took advantage of a special discount my web host had to open up a second account, and I moved the FrugalGM domain over to this new account.

Of course all the various domain settings didn't transition over. This shouldn't have been a big deal, but when I tried to manually update the settings.....nothing worked. Ok, sometimes these things take some time, so I waited a full 36 hours....

.....and nada. Some time spent with the tech support for my web host, a frustrating experience I'm not used to, and the best they could do was offer to use a simple domain re-direct. Instead of hosting on www.frugalgm.com, you'd get directed to the blogger sub-domain (www.frugalgm.blogspot.com).


This isn't the norm for my webhost, who I would normally be quick to recommend to anyone.

Hopefully I'll be able to get it squared away by Monday.....I hope I get it resolved ASAP, but until then I've shut off the custom domain for the blog and I've put up a real-simple page with a link to the blogspot domain.

On the flip-side, once this gets fixed I'll have a virtual place I can use for a lot of stuff.......


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