Free GM Resource: Dungeon Robber

Free GM Resource: Dungeon Robber
This week's Free GM Resource is...well, depending on how you look at it isn't free, but kind of is. The folks over at the Blog of Holding have a ├╝ber-cool poster of the old 1st Edition D&D dungeon chart for sale at $15.

Ok, this is pretty cool, but more of a background to the other thing....

You see, the Blog of Holding took their cool map/poster of the charts and turned it into an online game called Dungeon Robber. The game is brutally hard and sooooo much fun.

Sometimes you need to "game" and don't have an appropriate opportunity to do so. If you want to slug it out, and try to survive the otherwise random and somewhat nonsensical dungeon, you really should try Dungeon Robber. I managed to get my thief up to level 7 before he bit the big one.

It was a complete waste of time that was totally fun and worthwhile......like many of these pursuits often are.


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