New Map Project in Progress

New Map Project in Progress
Now I'm quite cognizant that I haven't put up a map in several weeks. I have a couple ideas I've been kicking around and truth be told I simply haven't pulled the trigger on executing said maps. Blame it on my job, the car repairs I've needed to do on my days off, or (probably more accurately) I'm not sure how to bridge the gap between what I want and what I can do.

I have my sketches and maybe I'll scribble out some more test maps trying to bridge that skills gap, but it is hard to sit down and work on a map that I truly doubt will ever seem good enough to share.

Anyway, enough about the maps I'm not working on.

May current map project is set to be more than a bit on the large side. Printed out at 300 DPI I'm expecting this to be something in the range of 10' by 3'. Of course that might be my plan now, but plans change. My initial thought was this will be a multi-layered map.
Beginning of an Underground River
The base layer will be the underground river and the associated underground caves....mostly because I like doing them. The next layer will be the "ground" level with at least a couple settlements. This whole area is a large "hidden" mountain valley, which opens up a lot of potential for mountain caves and lairs....essentially another layer.

The graphic above is just my little guide for how my map slices piece together. I haven't done any cleaning up of the map yet, so this is quite rough. When I finish everything up I'm planning on having a nice "little" sandbox.


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