Free Map 028: A Small Inn

Free Map 028: A Small Inn
This free map is more of a work in progress, but I'm not quite sure which tact I'm going to take to finish this map. I might re-draw the whole thing, maybe do it in Dundjinni, or just color it all in.

This is a three-level inn where I didn't finish the top floor. The inn-keeper's room is the small one with a private office to the side and the large "opulent" room is off on the opposite side of the floor. I figured the space in between was just a nice, private dining/meeting area.

The main floor has a small kitchen, wrap-around bar, a few tables, and a small common room in the back.

The owner has dug out a large cellar of sorts beneath the floor, propping things up with some strong stone columns. This space is an impromptu stable for overnight guests.

I made this map for a special project and that map will be fairly small, so too much graphic detail will simply be lost. I already have a name, but since you'll probably need to finish off the upstairs you might want to rename it as well...

Free Map 028: A Small Inn
Like always, click on the lead-in graphic or use this link for the download.


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