Sandbox Adventure for $1 -Limited Time Offer-

This isn't a review per se, but more of a head's up that there is a good deal on an old-school adventure over at DriveThruRPG.

Valley of the Five Fires is an adventure from New Big Dragon Games. Until the end of the day it is a whopping $1.


Now I haven't had the time to do a thorough reading, much less a review, but this "adventure" looks pretty awesome. It is triple stated for old-school gaming (Oe, BX, & 1e), which means it is easy to convert to a lot of retro-clones as well.

A quick scan, however, showed me this adventure is more of a sandbox mini-setting than anything. There is one main adventure and a few side quests, as well as a whole new adventuring class (6 whole pages!). If you need....heck, just want....a sandbox adventure for levels 4-9 and have a buck lying around.....go for it! Just a head's up you don't have a lot of time left......

2014.05.14 Edit ......and now that time is gone.


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