Frugal GM Review: Herick's Dungeons (Dungeon Rooms)

Frugal GM Review: Herick's Dungeons (Dungeon Rooms)
Today I was perusing DriveThruRPG and came across Herick's Dungeons. Two things quickly came to my attention: that it was a 41 page PDF and that it was under $2.

A large file at a cheap price...along with a good-looking preview file.....yep, I was gonna pull the trigger on buying this file.

The download itself is quite straight-forward. You get 39 pages of Dungeon Rooms, 1 page of doors, and another page of arches. There is not one bit of wasted space outlying the artist's other offerings, ads, or really anything else....not even instructions for putting together the doors or arches. Now I don't think instructions are needed, so this isn't a detractor at all.

The PDF assumes you are printing on A4 paper, which is great for everyone in the world except Americans. We have to either reduce the page size by about 6% or just print the file up on legal-sized paper. I don't think this is that big of a deal. I do have two minor qualms however. The first is a common gripe that the PDF is password-protected so I cannot open it up in Photoshop so I can use these rooms in a virtual table-top. The second is that the tile layout is all the same from room to room.  It looks like the artist basically made one big room and then just brought in the walls to make smaller rooms.

Frugal GM 4 Star Review: Herick's Dungeons (Dungeon Rooms)
Now for under $2, it might be a lot to expect the floor tiles to be shuffled around some, but I think that minor effort would have gone a long way in increasing the visual appeal of the rooms. The artwork is great, don't get me wrong, but the rock-steady floor pattern from room to room is not so appealing.

Still, it is a minor qualm and I think overall this is a great download that a Frugal GM can get a lot of use out of.


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