Free GM Resource: Coat of Arms Designer from Inkwell Ideas

After playing with Inkwell Ideas' RPG Poster yesterday I decided to poke around their site some more. I didn't realize they made the Hexographer program, as well as a few other cool programs.

One program that you might not find frequent use for is their Coat of Arms Design Studio. There is a free version and a more robust paid version. I played with the free version a bit and while it worked fine, albeit a bit slow, for my needs that isn't the whole usefulness of this design studio.

If you've ever thought of designing a coat of arms for your campaign the various terms for the assorted aspects of a coat of arms gets real confusing fast. I don't know about you, but I don't necessarily need a comprehensive guide to the in-depth meanings of each individual aspect, I just need to know what they are. What the heck is the fess? A Sinister Baton? Do I want anything sinister....? I just need some basic explanations and there is a great drop-down primer on heraldry basics. Anything more and I can go straight to the source: A Complete Guide to Heraldry by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies and Illustrated by Graham Johnston, originally published 1909.


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