Free Map 040: Some Underground Beaches

Free Map 040: Some Underground  Beaches
I started on what will prove to be a HUGE map that there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to finish in a short amount of time....and by short I mean a free day's worth of time.

It is big enough I'll probably have to do the map in sections because I don't my new computer has enough RAM to do the work...and it has plenty of RAM.

Anyway, last night I was working on something else altogether that required me to break out my colored pencils. That "coloring project" got boring way too quickly and I ended up drawing out the beginnings of a map. After a HUGE mistake that I couldn't exactly use a Ctrl-Z to undo, I figured I was done. I was hoping to be able to just scan it in, but I had to use Photoshop to un-screw the map up. Since I had to do that I figured I might as well add some fill.....

I won't pretend it is very good.....and no, I'm not fishing for complements.I think I should have started with my markers and then used the colored pencils, but maybe next time. I'm not sure about the addition of some underground beaches. I'm not sure what I was thinking but I kind of like the idea.

You can click on the lead-in graphic or use this link to get the map.


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