Free GM Resource: Aeons & Augaries Geomorphs

Free GM Resource: Aeons & Augaries Geomorphs
As much as I love making and using RPG maps, I kind of hate the amount of work that has to go into them, especially for a one-off. I also love me some random tables. I don't mind putting work into a map or a random table if I get to use them multiple times.

For this reason I really enjoy some good geomorphs, which I like to think of as the random tables of the map world. The only problem is usually the level of standardization you need to pull them off. I've had some ideas about creating some geomorphs, but like so many of my plans and projects, it hasn't gotten much past the brainstorming stage.

Aeons & Augaries is "just another RPG blog", but there are some great non-standard (but still standardized...bear with me) geomorphs. There haven't been any geomorph posts in over a year, but because it is a Blogger site you can always append the url with "/search/label/[insert label]". Of course you need to guess at the labels because if you already have a label list then you can just use that instead of screwing around with the URL.

I don't put a label list on my blog either, but if you go to the "Table of Contents" page and click on a label from one post you can then filter the TOC to only show posts with that label.....

.....and thus ends the Blogger lesson for today.

There are some great geomorph gems on Aeons & Augaries, but to find them you either have to dig through a lot of posts, do some creative searching, or just use this geomorph search link.

Even if you don't want to use these geomorphs, there are some great ideas for making your own.


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