New PWYW Product: Gone to Ground

New PWYW Product: Gone to Ground
Instead of being a productive member of society I decided to try and turn my last map into a Tweak & Toss short adventure set. After playing around with it some I figured it was anything but a short adventure set.....

.....more of an intro (possibly) to an underground campaign. The setup is obstinately to recover a merchant's "possessions", but I didn't actually write any encounters that further that mission. Instead I stretched the map out to an absurd scale, something like 30 miles to the inch on the full-sized map, and put in a series of different happenings.

New PWYW Product: Gone to Ground
Because my map was so long I really changed up the way I presented the information on the interior page. I figure it'll either work or it won't.  I've called it "Gone to Ground" and it is available at DriveThruRPG as a Pay-What-You-Want.

I make jack squat on these....which isn't a complaint in the slightest, just if you find this useful please rate it or drop me a note or comment. I've given away over 500 of these short encounter setup since I started this summer and I've gotten exactly zero ratings or comments at DriveThruRPG.

Honestly I don't know if I should be continuing.......


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