Free Frugal GM Product: The Noerglein (a new OSR PC/NPC Race)

Free Frugal GM Product: The Noerglein (a new OSR PC/NPC Race)
I've been kicking an idea around a bit regarding a potential NPC race for an adventure I'm working on and after looking at the Swords & Wizardry rule-book I figured I could just take a minimal amount of effort to flesh them out to a full on PC race as well.

The races in S&W don't exactly have a lot of extra text so I didn't set myself up for a huge amount of work. Normally I don't stat stuff out for specific system unless I'm writing a tournament adventure, but I figured...."why not, I'll give it a go".  Not like I'm trying to write Shakespeare!

The idea of The Noerglein is that they are a true race of humanoids descended from various bastard offspring of Human and either Ogre or Hobgoblin "relations". Sure, most of these half-humanoids would be sterile, but a few might not be and eventually were able to breed to a "true" race that had some of the attributes of their ancestors. I pictured them as noble savages with their own strong moral code and a penchant for staying the hell away from other humanoids.

They'll have a role in the adventure I'm working on, but GMs and players can easily put their own spin on it. It either works or it doesn't......

Click on the lead-in graphic or use this link to get the free download from my Patreon page. It is available on DriveThruRPG as well.


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