Free GM Resource: The Stone Alignments of Kor Nak

Since the adventures lately have bee such a big hit and because Gary Con is right around the corner I thought it would be appropriate to somewhat mash the two together the best I can with this week's Free GM Resource.

GP Adventures (AKA Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. and Benoist PoirĂ©) have put together a hex for Tenkar's Landing. Called The Stone Alignments of Kor Nak, this 6 mile hex comes with two maps and an 18 page companion PDF. The adventure seeds are suitable for OSR characters of 4th level and......

....and I haven't personally gotten beyond the to maps yet. I'm kind of stuck on the awesomeness of the maps because I always dig (no pun intended) surface and subsurface maps of the same area. The maps look like they were done in colored pencil and they have a pretty cool simplified look to them. Somewhat childish without being amateurish, if that makes any sense.

Anyway I think it is worth a read and I'm looking forward to the whole collection of hexes when they all get finished.


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