Free GM Resource: Scenes & Scenarios from Rational Basis Media

Free GM Resource: Scenes & Scenarios from Rational Basis Media
Last week "Chris", I have to assume Chris Asberry, reached out to me using the email contact form about some free stuff his company was giving away.

That company is called Rational Basis Media and I'll admit I've never heard of them, probably because they are new with really no product line to speak of. They do have plans for a Kickstarter next month for a game I'll probably not be playing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging here, just being realistic that the genre isn't my bag. The idea sounds cool though and if there are enough folks that like/prefer that type of game I hope they do well.

Now I mention this KS mostly because I think it is related to the free stuff on a couple levels. 1st off, since RBM has no RPG products "out there", or at least none I'm aware of, these two offerings will have to be a stand-in for the type of work you might find in future products (like the future KS Game). The 2nd is that you have to register an email address to get the download.

After the "fun" of the marketing blitzs from one KS-happy company *cough* d20 entertainment *cough*, I'm a bit wary of signing up for some more potential abuse. I did though go ahead and pull the trigger on at least the Fantasy Scenes & Scenarios booklet and it was as advertised. I didn't pick up the SciFi Scenes & Scenarios because I didn't need it.

Now I'm of the opinion that if you can get even one good idea out of this material it is worthwhile....add that to finding out about a new publisher and game....well, that is some free education right there.


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