Free GM Resource: TheDMGinfo YouTube Channel

Free GM Resource: TheDMGinfo YouTube Channel
This week's Free GM Resource is another great YouTube channel that luckily just showed up randomly in my feed. Now I don't know about you, but I get a lot of random crap in my feed. You watch one or two interesting videos about something and YouTube thinks I want to be flooded with seemingly related content.

Last week I happened across TheDMGinfo channel and initially thought "meh, nothing new here"....then I happened across some videos for creating your own minis. Now I don't think I'm that crafty, not that I let it stop me any, but after seeing the videos, which I think is still a series in process, I felt that I could do that!

I think maybe once I finish my other 2,437,612 other projects I have in progress I just might....


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