Free GM Resource: Dungeon of Signs Blog

I wish I could tell you how I happened upon the Dungeon of Signs blog, but I can't. Usually I arrive and a new destination on the interwebs through a long series of link-jumping, but this time....I don't know. I can say I found it this time....most likely a second time...due to Google Chrome screwing something up.

Out of the blue my computer's bookmarks merged with an older set of saved bookmarks and *poof* my desired layout of links is gone and I have some bookmarks I didn't remember having before.

The general annoyance of having to reorganize my browser bar to my liking is greatly tempered by some lost treasures, like Dungeon of Signs.

There is a lot of good, dare I say great, content on this site. I'd like to draw particular attention to the "PDFs to Download Page". Lots of adventures to see there, all linked to the author's Google Drive.

I recommend checking out the download page 1st, and then branching out from there. I have noticed that not all of his downloadable content is on that one page, so there might be some real juicy bits to find in a nice little "treasure hunt".


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