d30 Challenge Day 8

d30 Challenge Day 8
This is my 8th entry in the d30 Challenge, which is a bastardization of an idea I first saw on Mark "CMG" Clover's feed. Now I'm a sucker for these things and I know some folks aren't so while I'm committed to answering one question about my favorite hobby each day, and putting together a d30 table before the end of the month, I know not everyone is so interested. I'll put the question & answer after the break, posting late in the day, and not promoting this on G+ so those who don't like this kind of thing should be exposed only minimally.

I think this is the best I can do....
Day 8's question is "Favorite PC of Your Own".

I've had some great & fun PCs over the years. Right now I'm running a once-in-a-lifetime PC with outrageous (legal) stats and I'm having fun keeping our tiny group alive with my great rolls (d20 + awesome stat bonuses), but I think I'd have to say that my 1st PC in a "regular" gaming group would have to be it. Moving to a weekly (maybe 2 or 3 times a month) game from infrequent one-offs allowed me to create a PC and watch him grow over the course of our adventures. That PC was an Elven Mage named Yathen Brightblade. He abhorred the brutality of combat and his dim future lot in life so he managed to get apprenticed to a mage instead of following the family's military tradition and he did what he could to secure what he thought would be a promising future as a diplomat.....to a Dwarven Kiingdom....having never actually met a Dwarf. Sure, he could speak, read & write Dwarf, but didnt' like being underground or dirty and refused to drink anything stronger than a nice cup of tea.

Yathen also had the unfortunate habit of speaking his mind...and he didn't think too highly of "unintelligent" people, basically anyone with an INT of 13 or less. Luckily he did start off with 4 hit point because he had to use them all up on more than one occasion. For years my forum(s) signature was a quote from Yathen: "Nothing takes your mind off your other 'little' problems like a crossbow bolt to the chest." Poor Yathen lipped off to an Innkeeper and was rewarded with a point-blank shot with a crossbow. The group didn't quite let him live it down.

One of my 1st HackMaster PCs was Yathen's brother....good times. I later "resurrected" Yathen in a fashion when I created my also-loved, at least by me, Double Specialist Invoker. Very different in many ways, but also quite similar.


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