Free Monster: Ecology of the Deep Dark Cave Worm

Free Monster: Ecology of the Deep Dark Cave Worm
I decided to put up a brief write-up I did of the "monster" that inspired me to create The Wizard of the White Hills.

Sometimes the creative process, at least for me, is a bit convoluted. This time around I started with a weird creature, came up with some ideas for it, and then created a story around it.....but the creature doesn't actually make an appearance in the story. Instead it drives one thing that drives another and there you go.

Now it isn't important to the story to know anything about the creature that inspired it all. To me this is the GM equivalent of the player trying to explain their PC's motivations. As a GM I don't really care about motivations, just actions. As a player, they don't care about this creature, just its effects that start the cascade of events that cause something they can interact with.

Freebie Monster
Of course with this extended write-up, there might actually be something worthwhile for the PCs to interact with. More than likely this is just some background "fluff" for the GM. At best they'll get to use some of this info to throw a bone to the players in a specific situation, at worst....well that would up to the GM's designs. Maybe some GM will decide to size this thing up to an absurd size and make it attack the party.

Heck I could see some enterprising bastard toss the real-life inspiration for this monster on the table and creep out the players.....please don't do that. Seriously, that would not be cool.


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