Free GM Resource: Pointcrawl

Free GM Resource: Pointcrawl
This week's Free GM Resource is a pretty cool, if non-standard Dungeon Generator with an unwieldy title.

DunGen Pointcrawl Dungeon Generator by Ed Allen: Ed's Hobby Hovel & Ruminations of a Geek throws your random dungeon up as a chart and gives you the transitions from room to room. There are plenty of options to choose from and this thing will spit out wandering monsters, regular monsters, and treasure.

You can also click on a room in the chart which highlights it and the transitions. You can get some quick lookup info and twirl the room around some to "mess up" the chart.

I'm sure there is a valid use for this property, probably to help keep the charts organized, but mucking the chart up a bit is some stupid fun and I can't help myself......

Pointcrawl Chart/Map Example


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