Hoody Fricken Hoo! Post #500!

Hoody Fricken Hoo! Post #500!
Wow...I'm amazed I've managed to make it this far, sharing what I can and working to help give a little something-something back to the RPG community as a whole.

Thank you everyone for dropping by, leaving comments, or just picking up some dice an playing.

The last 3 & 1/3 years has been interesting to say the least and I'm hoping it'll be a lot less than 3 & 1/3 years before I hit post #1000.

The best part of doing this has been the opportunity to interact with gamers I've never met in person, share ideas and work, and be a better gamer, GM, and publisher because of it. I know for some 500 posts isn't a lot, but I see this as symbolic of the late night online chats (group and one-on-one), emails of encouragement, and collaborations.

I'm one of those types that always has about 20 different ideas for projects in some stage of production and I'm lucky if 5 of them get finished. The Frugal GM blog has really helped give me some direction and a pathway to getting those five items checked off my list. Of course it probably is responsible for remainder of those 15 unfinished projects as well, but I'm going to dwell on the positive.

Again, THANK YOU for all your support, it has been much appreciated!


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