Cavern Map-in-Progress (With Free Map)

Cavern Map-in-Progress
I'm trying to put a small series of Tweak &Toss adventures out for possible publication, more of an attempt to see if the idea has any merit outside of putting it up on DriveThruRPG. While I have some base ideas in my head I usually prefer to work on the maps 1st, so I'm alternating between my normal "publication" cycle and work on these alternate maps.

Worst case the publisher goes, "Thanks but no thanks" and all I have to do is reformat for my normal audience.

For a while I think I'm going to be sticking to the cavern maps because I enjoy them and there are still some things I can learn from doing them, or at least I think there are still some things to be learned. It has occurred to me that some may find value in the work-in-progress map as it is during the process, so even though this is technically a work-in-progress, I've decided I could make it available on my Patreon page.

Pair of unconnected caverns

This is the low-res version and here is the link to the high-resolution version. When I'm done I expect to have a color and a crisp black and white version, but those will probably be reserved for my Patrons and the Tweak & Toss (respectively).


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