FGM031c: Smack-Down Table (Free d30 Table)

FGM031c: Smack-Down Table (Free d30 Table)
I've just finished up a new d30 table that was suggested by a buddy of mine. I have it up for a free download over at my Patreon site and I'll probably get it up to DriveThruRPG in "a while".

This table is listed as FGM031c: d30 Smack-Down Table and it a decedent, of sorts, of the old HackMaster Smartass Smackdown Table (HSST). For those familiar with the HSST, this is obviously inspired by version 4.1a and not version 2.1.

I hope at least a few folks understand that reference....

While I think the simple existence of such a smack-down table has some merit of its own, I tried to write this up with the thought of actually using this in play (as needed). A couple of options for use have been given for implementation, even if you don't have a d30...but you really should have a d30......
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