FGM034: Spell Cards (Magic Card-Size, 9 Up)

FGM034: Spell Cards (Magic Card-Size, 9 Up)
A couple weeks ago, before GenCon, I accidentally washed my little idea notebook, totally shredding it. Well, shredding might be too harsh, but it isn't going to usable any longer.....

This means I had to painfully flip through the soggy, somewhat torn pages looking to see if I could salvage any information. Luckily, most of the lost data was mostly calculations and scribblings for old projects, so no big whoop.

The only project in the book that hadn't been at least started was some generic spell cards I wanted to work on. Most of the spell cards I've seen are for specific systems and none of them have enough details for my current....well, heck, even my old game systems I would want to use them for.

For example, my HackMaster 4th Edition Double-Specialist Invoker essentially changed every spell he cast. Even if there were spell cards for HackMaster 4th Edition, I had to remember all of those changes. If I had these cards I could have simply filled out a card for each spell and when he leveled up, I'd just fill out new cards.

These cards come 9 to a page and while I have put in a back-side page of graphics, I'm assuming that most people wouldn't print the backside, placing the cards in card sleeves or making their own backs. I could have made these into forms as well, but the idea was for the player using them to personalize them to their needs.

I'm sure that I'll get some negative comments regarding the fact that the cards are greyscale and not fillable forms, but they were conscious decisions on my part, so I'm not going to get worked up about that. If that is a problem, then I assume folks won't download them, much less use them!

I'll eventually put this up on DriveThruRPG, but for now...and probably the next couple weeks, you can download these off of my Patreon page.


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