Free GM Resource: Menu Generator from Inkwell Ideas

Free GM Resource: Menu Generator from Inkwell Ideas
This week's Free GM Resource is something I don't think I've shared before, but I may have danced all around it.

Yesterday +Erik Tenkar (yes, that Tenkar) did a guest post regarding a GM's "go to" resource. While I have to admit his choice was way high up on my list I have to go a bit beyond and just admit that random tables in general are my "go to". I've highlighted Tablesmith before and I'm trying to learn how to use Inspiration Pad Pro 3 because I want something I can use on one of my tablets at the table.

In the meantime I tend to make my own smart-book of random table results I can pull from as needed in-game. One of the many generators I use is the Random Inn/Tavern Menu from the folks over at Inkwell Ideas. Loading a few results into a word document helps me pull a menu out of my butt.

Now I'll admit that I don't use this one so much anymore since making up my own menu generator, but if I need something quick and easy, this is still a great way to go.

On a personal note I'm out of the hospital and finally off pain meds, but sitting at my computer is a bit taxing and just hammering this out makes me want to grab "the good stuff". Thanks for all the well-wishing & positive thoughts. I'm hoping that I'll be back to 100% in the next couple of days.


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