Another Month, Another d30 Table: Night Watch Event

Another Month, Another d30 Table: Night Watch Event
I put up my latest d30 table over on my Patreon site yesterday with the full intention of placing it on DriveThruRPG later in the week when the last free item I had up there dropped off the front page.

Technically it is later, but I expected the spell cards to have a bit more time up.

The d30 Night Watch Event Table is just a collection of things that can happen during the night outside of a wandering monster check. I wrote this up with some rather simple mechanics to serve as a bit of flavor text to make the boring night watch not so boring, but not jam-packed enough to get too old.

FGM031d: d30 Night Watch Event TableI haven't gotten tired of using my d30 yet, but I did tweak this particular table to call for my old d30 that is numbered 1-10 three times. I'm sure somebody will complain about that, or the fact that it uses a d30. If I get too many complaints though I guess I'll be a complete dick and start writing tables for a d60 or that weird d37 I have lying around. I'd hate to do that because then I'd feel obligated to send my Patrons d60s or d37s.....

As always, since I'm using the Order of the d30 logo, this table is 100% free (not even PWYW).

On a side note, last day of my meds!


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