Free Map051: A Small Village

Free Map051: A Small Village
While my wife was playing in an online HackMaster Game I was working on a new map.....OK, I'll admit it, I was working on the map for a few hours before and after her game as well.....

Often when I'm working on something I've got several objectives, usually more than "just make a map". In this case I was experimenting with new techniques and materials. At first I really thought it was all going to come together, but when I digitized the work.....not so much. A lot of fine detail was just utterly lost because the scanner can only do so much.

Now I'm not saying I don't like this finished map, it just didn't come out nearly like I had hoped. There was a particular use for this map in mind and now I don't want to use that map anymore and pretty much have to start from scratch. These things happen and truth be told I learned several great things from the process.

A Small Village
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The map is 8" x 10" and a standard-quality PDF print. My Patrons get a high-quality version of the map as part of their Patronage of the Frugal GM.

You can get the free map by clicking the lead-in graphic above or by using this link.


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