Free GM Resource: Awesome OSR PC Classes by James V West

Free GM Resource: Awesome OSR PC Classes by James V West
Sorry guys, but this week's Free GM Resource is not some low-hanging fruit.....you're going to have to jump through some minor hoops for it (but it'll be worthwhile!)

Over the last week or so, the highly talented James V West has been releasing some awesome new "OSR" PC classes. He has also released an OSR PC Sheet as well and I don't think he has plans on slowing down anytime soon.

These new offerings aren't on his website, but you can check out his G+ feed and look for them yourself. I realize some of you might not do the G+ "thing", so I've checked and his feed is view-able without a G+ account.

Because I know people might be seeing this months or years after I've posted it, making reading through a long G+ feed impracticable, I'll post some linked previews for the four files he has up now. You'll be on your own for any others.....

OSR PC Sheet
First up is the OSR PC Sheet...

Chainmail Chick

Then we have the Chainmail Chick

Sinewy Barbarian
Next up it the Sinewy Barbarian

Star Wizard

Followed up by the Star Wizard

Now all of these were created with Labyrinth Lord in mind, which means they should work decently well with just about any OSR game. You might need to make some minor tweaks to XP or some such, but nothing terrible.


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