Frugal GM Contest: Monster Stand Ins

Frugal GM Contest: Monster Stand Ins
It has been a while since I've had any sort of contest here on the Frugal GM blog, so I think we are overdue.

In the past the contests have been a bit hit or miss and I think know I'm to blame because of the contest parameters I've set up.

This time around I'm going to make it simple....but I'm getting ahead of myself.

This contest prize will be the complete Monster Stand-In set I picked up at GenCon and reviewed here. I haven't cut out any of the monsters, but I have (obviously) removed the shrink-wrap on the cardboard and opened up the packages of stands. The whole set is in impeccable shape and I'll leave it to the winner to cut these things apart and use them as they will.

You could win this set of paper minis
The rules will be quite simple:
1) Comment on this post that you'd like the Monster Stand-Ins
2) No spamming the comments
3) Wait until next Thursday's (August the 27th) post to see if you win.

I'll count up all the comments on Wednesday evening (about 10PM Eastern) and use a random die generator to figure out which comment wins. If I'm available I'll do it on the Tenkar's Tavern chat, so if you tune in you can to find out early.

That's it....no muss & no fuss. If you would like this, speak up in the comments of this post and you'll have as fair a shot as anyone else. I'll ship the prize to the winners.......

Late day edit:
Some folks might want to know which monsters are included...and here is a link to the list.


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