Free GM Resource: For Gold & Glory (2nd Edition AD&D Clone)

Free GM Resource: For Gold & Glory (2nd Edition AD&D Clone)
This week's Free GM Resource is another RPG system, but this is one we are probably familiar with. A lot of love gets thrown at the 1st Edition of the "Popular Role-Playing Game" and we have a bazillion (I may be overstating it a bit.....) retro-clones. There is much love for the even earlier editions as well, but the 2nd edition?

Not so much.

This is where Justen Brown steps in with For Gold & Glory, which "gives role players a complete reference to 2nd
Edition 'core material' and allows publishers to release original
or new material using 2nd Edition rules."

At 382 pages long, For Gold & Glory is a well put-together PDF with pretty much everything but dice, pencils, and players needed to game. I'm not planning on reviewing this as I have to many RPGs in my review list as it is, but I'm thinking I'd be hard pressed to find some things to suggest improvement on and I'd give this five stars for sure.

If you are even remotely interested in playing in a 2nd Edition game, you need to pick up For Gold & Glory. This is pretty much a no-brainer.....


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