I Want You To Support Your FLGS

I Want You To Support Your FLGS
I usually look forward to Sundays because I often to get to sleep in, there isn't a whole lot I have to do and most of all because Sunday is game day!

Usually my group comes over to the house in the evening, we catch up of how our week has gone, and then we get to sling some dice. I'm fortunate in that I'm usually a player (after pretty much only GMing for years), but when the holiday season comes around and my GM's job encroaches too much on her ability to prep and run for us I gladly pick the shield back up.

The one thing I've pretty much been missing is a Favorite Local Game Store (FLGS). I had one here in Boise but the guy moved his small store to another county and eventually closed up shop. Some enterprising folks rented out his old space immediate and set-up a new game store and they did put together a pretty nice-looking shop, there were some customer service issues and it just felt "off" to me. I will give them credit that they moved to a new location, expanded, and seemed to be doing well, but I just don't get over there that often.

This summer my group attended Origins, travelling 2000 miles to run into a game store owner from just down the road in the next city. We were invited to run our game at his shop this weekend during their anniversary event (the shop isn't normally open when we game). This means I still get my game on today and I get to check out a new place that might be able to fill the FLGS role.

While I'm at it I might as well plug the store: Phoenix Fire Games. It seems to fit all the requirements I need in a new FLGS, so I'm looking forward to checking this place out.

If you are wondering about the lead-in graphic, it is my version of Knights of the Dinner Table 81 cover. KenzerCo had made this a poster of sorts, but I wanted to try and get a bit closer to the source material. One of the reasons I've always liked KenzerCo is that while they are happy enough to sell you games and comics directly, they'd prefer that you go through your FLGS. They've even put together special retail packages for game stores that get shafted by their distributors....which happens more than many realize.

Do you have a good FLGS? If so, you might want to snap a few pictures, write up a paragraph or two, and get it featured in Knights of the Dinner Table. Here is the link to the submission guidelines.


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