Map052F: Halfling Hollow

New Free Map052F: Halfling Hollow
I've temporarily set aside the city map I was working on....largely because I didn't like how my buildings were coming out (i.e. they sucked) and instead switched gears to create a large valley map....

.....and I mean LARGE. The Patron version of the map is 30" wide and the free version is "only" 16.5" wide. For only a couple of bucks it could be printed out at Fed-Ex Kinkos at full size for a different map than you might be used to.

I'm hoping to be able to get the associated adventure seed out tomorrow, but it might have to wait until Tuesday. Between my healing back and the new job, I'm still working on finding some semblance of balance.

One thing I'm still fiddling with is my naming conventions when it comes to the maps. I really dislike the haphazardness I've used so far, but I like the idea of Map###P for the Patron version and Map###F for the free version. If I put out more versions I can just append the names to designate versions in this fashion Map###P# or Map###F#. Yes, these are the dumb things I worry about.
Map052F: Halfling Hollow


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