What Would You Do With an Improbable Set of Stats?

What Would You Do With an Improbably Set of Stats?
I managed to get one of my HackMaster PCs to 9th level during our last gaming session, which is a bit of a milestone for me as this is only the second time I've managed to get a PC to that level.

The leveling process was pretty quick and painless as these things go and I won't bore you with the details, but in the course of things I had more than enough time to think about this character's progression from rolling 3d6 straight down the line for stats.

I also won't bore you with any character stories......well, not yet at least.

This PC is a statistical anomaly for sure. Before adjustments for race I had for my stats:
16 STR
16 INT
16 WIS
18 DEX
12 CON
  9 LKS (Looks)
11 CHA

Normally I'm the type to roll with the dice (pun intended) and create whatever character seems to fit the rolls best. HackMaster lets you swap out two sets of stats so realistically I could have qualified for pretty much any damned thing I wanted to be. If I hadn't rolled this in front of a couple of HackMaster GMs, I wouldn't have expected these stats to pass muster because they scream "CHEATER" to me. But I lucked out on having the witnesses.

Now I don't know about you, but when I have a set a stats that qualify for everything, picking anything is a difficult task. Selection is a bit of a big deal too because well...this is a once-in-a-lifetime set of stats.

Fortunately I really didn't have to think about it too hard and went with a straight fighter. We had a sizable group of PCs and not a single pure fighter in the lot. I think it worked out for the best because I'm currently using this PC in a small 3 player party and my Dwarven Fighter is a much-needed tank.

The questions I'd pose are "What would you do with these stats? Would you be comfortable using them if you were rolling up a PC by yourself? What would you think if a player brought this to your table?"

Personally I don't ever expect to be able to play this PC outside of my home group, which I am more than OK with. Generally I'd rather be in line with the rest of the group, especially at a tournament or convention game.


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