Frugal GM Essential Gear: Personal Libations

Frugal GM Essential Gear: Personal Libations
I was going through my Thinkgeek Bag of Holding, which I actually use to haul my gaming stuff around at conventions (for now) and found one of my many flasks.

It occurred to me that I pretty much always play in an "adult" game and this is one of the few times I imbibe. Travelling to a convention, for me, has the added task of figuring out how much, and what type of, booze to bring.

The last handful of years I've simply used a series of Stanley flasks to haul my hooch. I don't have the 8 oz flask pictured left, but I do have the shot glasses and the smaller 5 oz version of this flask. At Origins this year I had a veritable mini bar with me and while I don't advocate gaming while intoxicated, because it might lead to too many PC deaths, I do recall having a wee bit of excess on Thursday night.

Now I'm not complaining....the next morning I found myself light one small personal item and heavy a butt-load of minis and a wicked Army knife. I still had both my d30's so no harm there.....

My normal Sunday game is at my house and everyone in the group usually has a beer or two. It isn't uncommon for the game to start late because we are catching up from the week.....game night is a social event that extends far past rolling the dice. I guess I'm a social drinker so that makes sense....

How many of you folks knock-back a drink or two while gaming? Have you had to account for this in the when and where of your regular game? I don't think I'm in the minority here, but I have to consider a flask of "the good stuff" to be some of my essential gaming gear. The way I figure it, having something on-hand beats having to play in the bar (too noisy) or make a run to the local liquor store (all sorts of issues if flying to a game).


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