A Good-Looking (& Frugal) Gaming Kickstarter I'm Getting behind

A Good-Looking (& Frugal) Gaming Kickstarter I'm Getting behind
OK, I know two weeks and two Kickstarter mentions might be a bit much....

I just looked at this Small Dungeon Maps project and immediately thought......cool.

It occurred to me that this is pretty much a completed project that the artist is just using Kickstarter as a sales/distribution channel instead of places like DTRPG. Since Drive-Thru and her sister sites take 30-40% off the top, "losing" 10% to Kickstarter becomes a more viable option for many folks starting out.

A cool top-down perspective that would work great with VTTThere are a couple of things I like about this Kickstarter though. 1st is the low buy-in. Say what you want, but about $2 USD for a 40 room dungeon is money well spent. The graphics have an interesting slightly cartoonish look I like and the perspective used.....I think this would look perfect on a VTT where every player is oriented to get the best view of the room.

I'm sold on that this could be a great project for use at my gaming table.


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