Free Map053: I Cannot Get Enough Caverns!

Free Map053: I Cannot Get Enough Caverns!
It's been a while since I've put up a new free map. I've been doing some mapping, just saving up some maps for a special project which I still have a lot more work to do on.

I do love cavern maps and I'm still experimenting. One of the tools I love using can't really handle larger maps, so I'm playing around with some other techniques and trying to solidify the ones I do like.

Practice makes perfect......or in my case "good enough".

Of course I started with the large map that goes out to my Patrons, but then I take that map and shrink it for free release on my Patreon page, but this time I've also uploaded a "larger" copy specifically for VTT use. I realize the file is big for actual VTT use, but I assume folks will cut it up into sections so they can just use the smaller chunks.

Just click on the appropriate picture to get to the file you'd like....
Free Map053 F

Free Map053 VTT


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