Free GM Resource: The Craft Planner

Free GM Resource: The Craft Planner
OK guys, this one might seem a little odd for a Free GM Resource, but I think it could help a lot of folks out.

A month or two ago I bought-in on a Kickstarter for the Cräft Planner from the folks over at Cobbery. Basically this planner is aimed not at just keeping your appointments and such, but helping you work on specific projects. Brainstorming, breaking down the big tasks into smaller achievable goals, etc.

Now I don't know about you, but I've had several "big" projects "planned", but have been going nowhere. I thought a little more organization.....plan the fight versus fighting the plan, as it were, would be helpful.

The Kickstarter didn't fund, so no planner for me......or so I thought. Cobbery is still selling the Cräft Planner, but you can get a free digital copy for the cost of an email address (if that is an issue you can easily bypass the address by going here.)*

I thought this might be a good tool for some GMs to use in planning some of their RPG projects. I plan on printing me up a copy to put to good use and if I like it, pick up the nice copy from Cobbery.

*Normally I wouldn't suggest jumping right to the download, but I figure that is better than giving a junk email address and the goal is to introduce folks to the Cräft Planner in the first place.


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