December's Free/PWYW d30 Table is now Available!

December's Free/PWYW d30 Table is now Available!
Another month, another d30 table.

The month I've put together an Alternate Familiar Generator. What's so alternate about it you ask?

Well, this table comes complete with a new Find Familiar spell, should your RPG not have that spell, or as a variant if it does. This version has 25 different animal spirits that can be called to service, the ability to call in several spirits and choose one to take physical form to become the magic-user's familiar.

Oh....and each familiar has some possibly cool strengths and weaknesses. You roll your dice and takes your chances.....

This table is now up at DriveThruRPG and you can click on either graphic in this post to go to the product's page, or use this link. My patrons over at Patreon get the tables when I first create them, which is usually a couple months ahead of their release. Right now this is the last d30 table in my Patreon "buffer" so I'll have to make some more tables this month.


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